What is Rayd.io?

Rayd.io is a simple, free and open source web radio client for your Raspberry Pi or PC.
It allows you to extend your hi-fi set with a web radio. Connect a Raspberry Pi to your hi-fi set, install Rayd.io on it and control everything with your smartphone.

Rayd.io plus Raspberry Pi

Rayd.io offers a simple web based user interface, which can be installed as a web application on iOS devices.

How does it work?

Rayd.io can be installed on any Linux device1. It provides a web based user interface on port 80802, which can be accessed with a web browser. In this UI the user can add or remove radio stations, and play one of the available radio stations. Every user has the opportunity to download a list of preconfigured radio stations, but there is no need to, since everything can be configured locally.

Is it Open Source?

Rayd.io is a free and open source web radio client, which is currently available for linux. Its designed with privacy first in mind. Therefore no connection to a rayd.io server is needed. You can even use rayd.io without an internet connection3. If you decided to use functionality which is provided by the rayd.io servers, no user specific data gets collected.
Rayd.io is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

  1. Any Linux Device which has JVM Support. 

  2. Default Port is 8080, but it can be configured. 

  3. If you have a locally available raydio stream, which works without internet connection.